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Product Authenticity Verification


Aspire is becoming one of the most recognized vaping brands in the world today. Our high quality products are what make the Aspire brand so appealing to customers. Recently, Aspire has discovered several fraudulent items that are falsely representing our brand.

In order to protect our customers and Aspire’s image as a high quality brand, we have developed methods that allow you to verify your purchased products. Verifying your product will ensure that you have purchased a genuine Aspire product.


Online Verification

On the back of every Aspire box is a unique security code. By entering the code on our website, customers can make sure that that they have purchased an original product. We recommend that you visit the website and confirm that you have a genuine Aspire product before using it.

Enter you code at



The examples below illustrate how to tell if your code is genuine. Click the images to enlarge them.


An example of a correctly verified code:

This code is fake and does not exist:

A copied code is verified many times:


Packaging Quality

Another thing to look out for is the quality of the packaging. Original Aspire products come in high quality packaging. Counterfeit products often have poor quality packaging which can be easy to spot. Here are some examples:


Front of Packaging:



Front of packaging. The original product has very high quality print and has a smooth and flat surface..


Front of packaging. This has an indistinct picture, a serious colour cast and a rough surface full of bumps and hollows.


Rear of Packaging:



Rear of packaging. The text print quality on original packaging has exquisite processing with sharply defined letters.


Rear of packaging. Fake packaging often has low quality text print. It can look blurred and does not look sharply defined and crisp.


Package Processing:



Package Processing. The original will have exquisite processing with nice and smooth corners which are flat.


Package Processing. This often has rough processing with corners that are not flat and smooth.

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