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Beginners Guide to Vaping

A healthier Alternative to Smoking: Learn about our Vaping Starter Kits

Vaping is now recognised as one of the easiest and most successful alternatives to smoking. Vaping allows you to continue the smoking experience but without most of the drawbacks of smoking normal cigarettes.

As everyone knows, cigarette smoke is full of 100s of nasty, harmful and carcinogenic chemicals. So smoking not only smells bad, it is also extremely bad for your health. Not only that, it is highly addictive and as most smokers will tell you, it is very difficult to stop due to the addictive power of nicotine.

How vaping can help.

Vaping is a substitute for smoking which is generally regarded as a much safer alternative. You still get the nicotine hit as you would from smoking a normal cigarette, but you don't get any of the vast array of nasty chemicals associated with cigarette smoke. Another bonus is it doesn't smell! In fact, you can buy a vast array of flavoured vaping e-liquids so you can completely forget about that tobacco taste.

The problem with more traditional smoking cessation products such as nicotine gum, is you are missing a vital part of the smoking experience: inhaling and exhaling smoke. When you take a puff on a cigarette you can feel the smoke being drawn into your lungs. You also get a 'throat hit' as the smoke passes down past the back of your mouth. Nicotine gum does not give you this sensation which is part of the reason why is it not a very effective method of stopping smoking.

Vaping, however, provides an almost exact replica of this experience. As you inhale the liquid vapour, you get a throat hit, much like you do with regular cigarettes and you can feel the vapour enter your lungs. You then blow the vapour back out, again replicating the smoking experience. This along with the nicotine content means you will quickly be able to more easily replace your cigarettes with an e-cigarette or vaping product.

Cost Saving

Another fantastic advantage of vaping is the huge saving you will make. A pack of 20 cigarettes can now cost more than £10. So a pack a day will cost you over £300 a month. Vaping is so much cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes. With the money you save you could go on a holiday or buy yourself something nice to celebrate.

Vaping Products - A simple guide:

If you are new to vaping, looking around at the hundreds of different vaping products on the market can make the whole experience seem a little daunting. It is easy to get confused and put off by the fact there seems to be too much choice. However, in reality, it isn't confusing at all. Vaping products can be split into 3 categories:


These are the small devices that look like normal cigarettes. They are often sold in garages and corner shops. Their advantage is that they are small. However, they can't be refilled (so are more expensive than the other options in the long run) and their vapour production is limited.

Standard Vaping Products

These are larger than e-cigarettes but are still small enough to be easily carried in your pocket. They consist of a rechargeable battery with a screw thread and an atomiser (also called a clearomiser) which attaches to the battery.

The atomiser is filled with vaping liquid (known as e-liquid or e-juice) and contains a small metal coil which heats up when the battery is activated. These produce more vapour than e-cigarettes and you are much more likely to be able to switch from smoking if you use one of these.

Our Aspire / eazE Starter Kits (see products below) are of this type.

Advanced Vaping Products

These work on the same principal as the standard vaping devices, however they are much more powerful. They consist of large batteries and large clearomsers which are capable of producing huge quantities of vapour. Once you try one of these you'll wonder how you stuck to normal cigarettes for so long.

Our Aspire / eazE Vaping Starter Kits

We want you to have the best possible chance of changing smoking for vaping. To do that, you need a high quality, reliable and effective vaping kit to begin the transition. This is why we created our Aspire / eazE Starter Kits.

Our Aspire / eazE Vaping Starter Kits are the standard type of vaping device (so ideal for those new to vaping) but are of a very high quality. In fact, they are probably the worlds most advanced beginners vaping starter kits.

All our kits use the new Aspire BVC coil technology. This technology enables your hardware to be reusable by just replacing a new coil. Your BVC coils will last 4-6 weeks and cost just £2 to replace, a much better option for your pocket and the Environment.

Our starter kits replace the old style throw away devices. Our batteries feature the latest technology and are fitted with power levels so you know when to charge, and on/off button and other safety features. Our USB chargers are CE and Rhos certificated.

Our Aspire/eazE kits are way ahead of anything else available on the market in terms of safety and technology. They will by far out-last the cheap unsafe copies, saving you money in the long term and giving you the safest and best vaping experience available.

Give yourself the best chance to stop smoking with our range of Aspire / eazE starter kits.


Aspirecig Limited support the need to maintain the environment in which we live. We have a battery producer’s compliance scheme in place. Our Environmental Agency Number is WEE/DJ4239XX and our WEEE registration number is SO94083

See our environmental page for more information.

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